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Ban appeals


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Discord name (and ID): EA#0425
Steam Name: EA ghostcap.com
Steam ID (get it here: https://steamid.io/):
GCG Server Banned From: discord
Date/ Time (Invoked On): 12 March 2022 10.30pm
Who Banned You? (Find this on https://sourcebans.ghostcap.com/) : I think its hotline
Link to your ban (Also find this on https://sourcebans.ghostcap.com/) 

Why Were You Banned?: Annoying Inno
Why Should We Unban You?: Inno blocked me so I am going to say sorry to inno first. I firstly thought inno was actually just joking but sounded more serious. With inu saying do u guys need blah blah blah I just continued without thinking about inno. I think the reason why inno was mad because I pinged him for a lot of times or other reasons. I am very sorry for this action of mine Inno I hope u can forgive me. I really hope I can stay in this server until it shuts down as this is the server which actual brought me happiness. Although I know and I understand why I am banned but I just don't want to say goodbye to such a good gaming community. No one will want to leave a server that they have been in for quite a long time with a few friends in it. I should've think about that before I annoy inno. hope you can understand this inno 


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