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Maid-chan next evolution pfp submission [ Deadline :  6th of March ]


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Hello Maid-chan's devoted followers,

Maid-chan evolving from her young appearance to teenager (watch out Rebellious age). 

As you may have aware, we are currently developing Maid-chan 2.0. Some point in few weeks, it will be release for open beta testing.


Please submit , the teenage form of Maid-chan picture that you want to see as her discord pfp.

Also what of personality (with short description) you want her to be : 

  • Tsundere
  • Yandere
  • Kuudere
  • Dandere

Deadline :  6th of March


  • 1 person 1 submission only
  • multiple submission will be rejected
  • Face focus ( see the sample submission below )
  • image.png.4117d33b0d31fecce2044543e1d72e94.png preferably hair color ( something related to that color )
  • 1 winner will get chose by GCG staffs (except Pedro, he complains too much)


@Mochiron will award chosen picture submission, steam wallet 10 USD.


Note : rules may be updated without prior notice.

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Personality: Yandere

Description: since maid chan 1.0 is a tsundere her adult form changes into yandere, she often acts cute and tries to be cute to change his natural behavior however her nature-personally will appear whenever she is mad hahaha

P.s: this picture is closest to maid chan 1.0, her red-eye, and pink hair 

images (2).jpeg

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Personality: Kuudere

Description: Your personal gaming marine maid assistance. She is trying her very best, yet is still sometimes awkward and clumsy.

Usually get bully, pls dont bully her xD






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Personality : Yandere

Description : She has a gentle personality and can easily get along with anyone.
She loves to eat lol.
Her strength and endurance are more than a normal man, so if she gets angry, she cannot be stopped by force lol.

DdkHudTVAAIT7DO nadeshiko.jpg



nadeshiko happy.jpg

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