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[Suggestions]Change HE grenade ingite zombies particle and buff nades a bit to Slow down bhopping zombies


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Just happened on ze_geometric_v1_4 stage 4, before last laser part when zm tp, humans throwing nades to 40+ zombies, there look like 40+ zombies burning with fire particle ,then some humans(dorime potato pc and laptop users)csgo crashed, also the fire particle actually might make fps lagging a bit, so its possible to change fire particle to make more smoother and not that much client crash gameplay.

about nades slow down bhopping zombies, i know we have decoys, but there some newbies like dont have money to buy decoy and cant bhop, i tested with friends when throw HE nades to bhopping zombies, it does slow down a bit like 290 bhop velocity or still can go 300+ bhop velocity, i want suggest like HE nades can let zombies cant bhop like 1-2 second, yeah, this suggestion actually so pleb, but our server focusing newbies and beaten some map more easily, so pls buff a bit thanks

(my english still suck, hope u guys understand, thanks)

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  • HanJie changed the title to [Suggestions]Change HE grenade ingite zombies particle and buff nades a bit to Slow down bhopping zombies

I just spoke to @NJOOSHYabout this. The fire is not the cause of crashing otherwise it would happen every time a molly went off. 

Crashing will happen when people have forced their graphics to low. It’s best to leave everything as default and then play with ubershaders/texture streaming for changes. 

As for changing the particles for FPS reasons, as far as I know FPS issues were resolved a long time ago in CSGO itself. When @LuqS and I tested before the release of Z4 there was no performance difference. We tested maybe 4 or 5 different “fps optimised” fire particle effects. If someone has a file that is proven to boost FPS then I’ll add it to the server. 

Finally slow effects. I will be doing some updates to the server later today so I’ll make sure to include fixing that. 

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