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[Suggestion/Idea]Top Boss hp hits and Top Defenders without perk


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just realized i shooting boss, i see my crosshair bottom has showing what rank i at and how many hits for shooting boss, just pleb suggestion again.
its possible make top boss hp hits appear on chat? also when killed the ONE boss is appear on chat too(ex.killed first boss without count second boss), if there two boss just count together or all boss hits (ex.ze_valkang) (i dont know current top boss hp hits is count npc or not)
and example top boss hp hits on chat like this
Top Boss hp hits:
1.HanJie ghostcap.com - 999hits 
2. NJOOSHY ghostcap.com - 888 hits
3.keon - 777 hits
4.coffee - 666 hits
5.MIKU ghostcap.com - 555 hits

and top defenders count who does most hits zombies and how many killed zombies(if there person not killed any zombies just hits only, no "need 0 zombies killed"), but without giving credits and no mother zombie next round, it should affect newbies go more hard defend.(if the most hits human got infected round mid, just dont count him on top defenders) 
example on chat
Top Defenders:
1.HanJie ghostcap.com - 999hits/5 zombies killed 
2. NJOOSHY ghostcap.com - 888 hits/3 zombies killed
3.keon - 777 hits/1 zombies killed
4.coffee - 666 hits
5.MIKU ghostcap.com - 555 hits

and my English still pepega, hope u guys can understand this and agreed this

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