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Community Rules For GhostCap Gaming


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To ensure that the gaming experience in our community is enjoyable for everyone, we have some rules players need to follow. While we have a set of community rules we follow by, some specific servers have their own rules that you will find listed here. If you are unsure about anything, then send @pedrotski a private message here or on Discord - pedrotski#1184

Last Updated: 28/12/2021

Community Rules

  1. English is the priority language for this community.
  2. Abuse towards other players is not tolerated. This includes bullying, racism, discrimination, trolling etc.
  3. Spamming text or voice chat is not allowed.
  4. Advertisements are not allowed without approval.
  5. Leave your political, ethical and religious opinions at the door.
  6. Doxing, swatting, or other types of real world harassment are not allowed.
  7. No impersonating staff or other players.
  8. You must be over the age of 13.
  9. DDoSing any GhostCap server or threats of DDoSing will result in a permaban and possibly legal action.
  10. You agree to our terms of service located here.
  11. Hacking/cheating/exploiting or scripting (including AFK) is a bannable offense.
  12. Sharing exploits will get you banned. Report them to Staff or an Admin.
  13. If you have suggestions, please open a thread on the forums so others can discuss.
  14. No over the top rages. Keep calm and chill. 


  1. No Blank or Inappropriate names.
  2. Don't discuss anything confidential.
  3. Remain on topic while in the channel. 
  4. Don't post explicit content, lewds, nudes etc.

Zombie Escape

  1. Don't talk over the leader or snatch lead. If someone is leading already, wait your turn.
  2. Misleading the group will get you banned. 
  3. Throwing away items or item misuse will cause an Eban.
  4. Treat players with respect and help them learn the game mode.
  5. No soundboards.

If you have been banned for any reason, please post a ban appeal here: https://forums.ghostcap.com/topic/14-ban-appeal-template-read-before-making-your-post/#comment-17

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