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Community Rules For GhostCap Gaming


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To ensure that the gaming experience in our community is enjoyable for everyone, we have some rules players need to follow. While we have a set of community rules we follow by, some specific servers have their own rules that you will find listed here.

Core Community Rules

  1. English is the priority language for GhostCap Gaming. Please only use it in text and voice chat.
  2. Harassment, racism and other forms of discrimination are prohibited.
  3. Do not post any NSFW content.
  4. Spamming text or voice chat is not allowed.
  5. Advertisements are not allowed. This includes trading, call to action and advertisements via DM.
  6. Ban appeals are to be made on the forums only.
  7. No impersonating staff or other players.
  8. Blank or inappropriate names and profile photos are not allowed.
  9. No witch hunting. This includes stream sniping.
  10. Remain on topic to the channel you are in.
  11. The staff reserve the right to deal with any issue they deem disruptive to our community.

Game Ban Times

  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 24 hours to permanent
  • Harassment - 24 hours to Permanent
  • Support Spamming - 24 hours
  • Ignoring Staff - 24 hours
  • Bug Abuse - 2 weeks
  • Cheating - 1 Year to Permanent
  • Circumventing Ban - Permanent
  • Abusing Admins or Staff - Permanent

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 24 Hours to Permanent
This includes grefing and trolling in a way that damages the experience for other players. This includes throwing matches, ghosting or baiting. These bans start at 24 hours and can be permanent.

Harassment - 24 Hoursto Permanent
Gamers come from all walks of life and we are not ones to discriminate players. Harassment includes any form of trash talking, verbal abuse, racism, sexual harassment etc. Ban times are 24 hours to 6 months.

Support Spamming - 24 Hours
Admins have lots of support tickets and issues to attend to. If you spam support using !report, !bug or any other means, you will be banned for 24 hours. 

Ignoring Staff - 24 Hours
If you have been told not to do something by staff, or they have warned you of something and you continue to do it, you will be banned for 24 hours.

Bug Abuse - 2 Weeks to Permanent
This includes AFK exploiting, abusing map bugs etc. Please note that this only includes minor bugs. Any disruption to our service will be more severe. 

Cheating - 1 Year to Permanent
Here at GhostCap, we have a strong stance against cheating. This includes 3rd programs and hardware that give you some form of competitive advantage in the game.

Circumventing Ban - Permanent
Using another account to get around an existing ban or mute means that both accounts will be permanently banned. 

Abusing Admins or Staff - Permanent
All staff are volunteers. Please do not abuse them.

If you think you have been banned unfairly, please post a ban appeal here: https://forums.ghostcap.com/topic/14-ban-appeal-template-read-before-making-your-post/#comment-17

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