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GhostCap Gaming 1st Annual Monkey Awards 2021


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The 1st Annual Monkey Awards 2021 is finally here! It's that time of year where we celebrate the monkeys from Ghostcap.
So many monkeys but so little time so lets get into it!


Overall Monkey King 2021 Award: @NJOOSHY

Showing exceptional ability in all aspects and really caring about the community.


Lord Of The Seed Award: @spy steal information

Being there every single day to seed the server from 0 to 64 players.


Most Dedicated Leader Award: @https

New monkeys are nothing without a bunch of bananas dangled Infront of them.


Biggest Exploiter Award: @Ajm

Finding every little bug on the server and exploiting it for both good and bad.


Bad 2 Good Award: @Hotlineblur

Players who started off a pleb but turned out to be great community members.


2021 Server V Server Champion: @Keon

Leading the monkeys to victory during the anniversary event.


Achievement Hunter Gatherers:

@LT.ARMY@Shirayoshi@ᴹᵃʳᵏ@Daijoubuuu@Viperia @that chinese dude @Fansout @flewaway @MCR @hibiki

For earning the most participation score during the anniversary event



Ancestor Award: @Puro Yui@Ditoz

Topping the leader boards, setting trends before it was cool.



The Code Monkey Award: @Mochiron

Creating features that help make the community better.



Stepped Up To The Challenge Award: @hibiki

Stepping up to the plate and helping control the servers when no admin is around.



Monkey Ally: @Koen

Helping all communities and bringing them closer together.


Thanks to everyone who made GCG what it is today and helped make it a fun gaming environment for everyone. I will be in touch around the 1st week of January to all the above winners for your prize!

- Pedrotski

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