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Ban Appeal and Deeply Sorry


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Discord name (and ID): HeRShAR (1st acc), HeRShyyy (2nd acc)
Steam Name: HeRShAR/HeRShyyy
Steam ID (get it here: https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:0:441019302
GCG Server Banned From: ZE Server
Date/ Time (Invoked On): 06.12.2021

Who Banned You? : Hotliner

Link to your ban : https://sourcebans.ghostcap.com/index.php?p=commslist&advSearch=STEAM_0:0:441019302&advType=steamid

Why Were You Banned?: "Saying "N-word" to admin multiple times and disrespecting other players. toxic in general and multiple offense"
Why Should We Unban You?: Im here to say sorry for all the toxic actions I did for the past time. The reason why I become like this is because this server, for me expecially, drastically changed, and Im mostly talking of the players and staff... everyone changed from the day I got back in my country until now, and that actually triggered me in a way and I cound stop myself... I was hoping everything kould get back to how it was before, but I made it worst and I really regret it. I was playing in the server from the 2021 spring, and now seeing me getting mute it really make me feel uncomforteable. I really miss the og, it was one of the best times in my life... Now I know I was also a bit toxic before I moved in UK, but when I got back Pedro dm me to apologize, even tho it wasnt his fault because I got out from staff that time, that actually made me feel good, and now thinking, I feel like I just broke it again... One of the big reasons why Im still here is because of Framy, my current best friend, he didnt leave me, we still spend our time together every day, he got sad when he saw me  getting mute, and I dont want to see him like this at all... Again, Im really sorry, I just hope thing can go back to how it was, and hope Im not to late for this...  

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