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Fuckyou Sever

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I wrote this forums just to want to say that
Admin does not have any brain at work
Sever error or something can not be fixed
I played from early morning today I got 2 ranks up
Finished the error of lowering my rank and stealing my credits, I got no response, I was mute and banned from the server.
Do not spend time playing this server anymore or move aside and ignore these murderers

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We rolled back an update earlier. You lost XP. Sorry.

We are not going to give you credits because you lost XP, as you never lost any credits anyway.

That being said. In about a week or two all XP, ranks and credits are being wiped any way. So really its no big deal right now.

You were told this. You ignored what we were saying to you and you kept wanting to argue. 

I was willing to ignore that so I muted you on Discord but then you changed your name to "Fuck you server" and started blowing up in game chat.

This is why you were banned. 


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1 minute ago, diditarditozzz said:

Chào @ S1mple Thứ Haiiii, xin vui lòng nếu bạn muốn nói chuyện, hãy cố gắng sử dụng ngôn ngữ lịch sự. ngay cả khi một cái gì đó không mặc, tốt hơn là nói về nó một cách bình tĩnh

Not related to Mr. dito ah. don't get involved in this

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3 minutes ago, S1mple Thứ Haiiii said:

Did you ban me before I came in to curse you?
How can you deny such a clear thing. You need me you to see the time you ban me and the time I spend on the game
Fuck your mother

Stop lying. 

We have logs. You were banned 3 mins after you changed your name.

Kahn banned.png

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