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[Suggestion] Removing EXP penalty for zombie death


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I think we all agree that the ZE server of ghostcap are focused on grinding, with some help of daily chest in accumulating either XP or credits, all depend on the luck. Whilst we play ZE too, its about escaping whilst shooting zombie. People who play fair wont get salty if chosen as mother zombie or if they got turned as a zombie, and always try to push and pressure the humans to either escape or defend instead of door hugging. This is the ideal situation for ZE, obviously not everyone follows how the game mode works. Considering the fun factor of ZE is depend on the player participation and numbers, the aim is to reward the best behavior.

From the EXP penalty of zombie death, i see some problem:

1. It doesnt reward zombie to keep pushing, its rather punishing them to do so. Yes, im aware that if zombie can somehow break through the defense, they can get a lot of EXP. However, to break the defense it depends on the mistake part of humans, and its just luck factor that can only be achieved through trying and trying. Its simply more likely to die or lose huge portion of health than actually break through the defense. Not to mention choke point isnt really uncommon in ZE map, where zombie will get killed in matter of seconds.

2. It push "less fun" behavior, where zombie doesnt get aggressive or keep trying to push due to higher chance of fail (killed) that is punished. Its a bad cycle, the more people realize the less they will try to push, because to break defense you cant go alone. This can be a growing problem since the less zombie push, the less likely defense can get broken, the more pointless defending an area is. Less zombie push = less gunfire needed. Which will ruin the fun of humans too.

3. It nullify progress, as well as grind. Some map like NPST where there is a lot of chokepoint, means zombie can die in matter of seconds if they're trying to push at all. 4 EXP need to be achieved in 8 minutes, in normal time. That would only means anyone that do some calculation and attempt at push would realize in their 2nd / 3rd death as zombie that they can easily lose a lot of their time in matter of seconds by pushing. 3 time death in chokepoint that can take seconds in a round, can negate 24 minutes of playing. Its a lot.

Punishing player for trying to play the gamemode accordingly and making the gamemode more fun is counter productive, and i think it will be better to remove punishment for zombie. Because, even without these thing implemented, we can see in other servers some people just decide to AFK once they're zombie. Its good that there is a reward for zombie pushing, because this will at least give motivation / incentive for people to play the game accordingly instead of AFK. But to punish zombie for playing the game normally (pushing, getting damage, die many times, ect.) is only going to make the already existing problems (zombie AFK) worse.

Its best for server to not punish people who play the game, but rather rewarding wanted behavior and making unwanted behavior less appealing (imo, just reward / give incentive to motivate player in doing the wanted behavior. But without punishing those who doesnt, because people playing game is to seek fun and feels rewarded, punishing may end up driving players away. Just moving AFK / kicking them is enough. People that play accordingly is getting more reward, and those who may not follow is only getting less reward)

This conclusion is based on my experience in playing other servers, especially Zeddy server. Where i notice people didnt go lazy as zombie when there is event, because wanting to win as a human in the next round to win credits as well. As well as humans not being lazy as in trying to win. Aiming for reward, yet no punishing for zombie pushing. Its just that they lose chance at something. But for problems of zombie being lazy to push is pretty much exist in every server that i've played.

I already see the reward in zombie killing/pushing humans in GCG, which is quite high exp and would have reward them if they try to play accordingly. But the punishment for trying to do so is rather disheartening, and i never see these thing applied in other ZE server where pushing as zombie is punishing. I think its a bad idea, considering the already existing problems in ZE. Which in my opinion also destroy the point of ZE gamemode, having zombie to chase and always keeps you at edge. Having less zombie to chase or even none make the gamemode feels stale.

I would appreciate if someone can point out some mistake of my foresight.




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Sorry i was in writing mode, to put it into simple points without further explanation:

1. ZE is about zombie chasing you and keeps you at edge

2. Penalty for zombie that tries to push and die is discouraging zombie to push defense

3. The more people realize how bad pushing as Zombie is, the less people will play according to the gamemode (chasing humans and attempt to break their defense). Which will be a cycle of having less zombie pushing.

4. This punishment also only feeds existing problems in ZE in all server where zombie doesnt push / just going AFK.

5. Penalty for Zombie death is bad, and needs to be removed. As it will discourage people who try to play normally as zombie.

6. Having the potential for reward when zombie pushing is good enough so people instead will try to actively chase as zombie than just standing around. The only "punishment" being missing the chance of getting reward (lots of EXP if they can somehow reach humans)

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