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Zombie Escape Tips


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Having played on the server, I noticed many of the players seemed very new to the zombie escape gamemode, these are a few basic tips that might help

- Press e to use items, trigger buttoms, use anything basically ect.

- For many maps using a gun with good move speed allows you to defend while staying mobile - the bizon and p90 are great for most/all maps

- Always try and defend the team, especially covering the slower players as they fallback but only defend as much as you are confortable with - it's better to stay alive by playing more cautiously than trying to be a hero on a map you don't know - nades are also great for covering but can also be very helpful on stationary defences 

- The best way to learn item usage is by specing a capable player using an item or more simply just observing where and when the players use items - but don't take how others use the items as law, use items situationally once you are more confortable and find what item timing you find helps the team the most

- having binds is very helpful, theres already a guide on the forums explaing how to create a bind, i recommend having a bind for a smg, negev, he nades and kevlar, of course you can create more based on what you want/need quick access to - rebuys and nades will save you multiple times, don't be afraid to use them

- try maximise your knockback by headshotting zombies and not shooting zombies imobalised by items already, (unless the server you're on has a money plugin for dmg to zombies) - shoot the most dangerous zombies, not the ones in corners 

- having good movement not only makes you better but makes ze more fun, learning to bhop takes a few hours and is definitely worth it, heres a guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGzj6shXtM4   you can improve your bhopping/movement by practicing on  the server or playing on specific bhop/kz/surf servers 


Those are just some basic tips for begginers, feel free to reply with more tips that newer players might find helpful and have fun (yes this is because we weren't able to beat toaster ?)

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