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CS:GO mini event Skin voting for z4 poll result


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Greetings participants and submitters,


Thank you for voting for skins that will be added on z4.

As announced, we will be adding top 1 skin from human and zombies as testing first and in future release we will slowwwwly add second and third place skins.


Here are the winners.


Human Skin top 1 most voted skin

Yae Sakura Neon Shade skin (submitted by Shizuru) 39 votes



Zombie Skin Top 1 most voted skin

DBD The Oni ( submitted by Asradi ) 31 votes




Here are Top 2 and Top 3 human skins (there are three ties in second place all 24 votes and we have decided to choose two from different category as top 2 and top 3)

Zero Two (white coat) submitted by Raph 24 votes



Genshin Impact Fischl submitted by Ayaya 24 votes




Zombie Skin Top 2 and Top 3

Karune Shi-e (hatsune miku on crack) Submitted by https 26 votes



Resident Evil Nemesis submitted by Exe 25 votes


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