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First Ban Appeal

FreeZe Me Ez

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Discord name (and ID):N/A
Steam Name: FreeZeMe ghostcap.com
Steam ID (get it here:STEAM_0:0:24611656
GCG Server Banned From: [ghostcap.com] ☣Zombie Escape ASIA 24/7 !ws !knife

Date/ Time (Invoked On):14.09.2021
Who Banned You? : Admin: https://stats.ghostcap.com/profiles/STEAM_1:0:72277729/0
Link to your ban: https://stats.ghostcap.com/entwatch/

Why Were You Banned?: item misuse permanent, I was accused for giving up item once.
Why Should We Unban You?: I was a freshman to zombie mode and was not sure how to operate items. I believe my permanent ban on item can be lifted as now I have experienced more games these days.

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HI there , thank you for apply eban appeal honestly i dont want to perma eban somebody but i had to do my job , i hope you can learn from your mistakes and make sure you use item wisely and listen to the leader more ?

Tips : if you have hard time hearing a leader simply use !stopsound and !music 0 so you can hear nothing but leader , cheers

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