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Z3 Skin Submission Thread


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We need a nice new pack of models for Zombies and Humans to work with for the launch of Z3. Remember nothing will be behind a pay wall and you can earn everything with in game credits.

Post here with a link and picture of the models you want to see!

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As the title says, this thread is to suggest what skin to be added into the server so I guess Im the first one to make suggestion. As obvious reasons that you guys with eyes can already see, I suggested this skin Bismarck from Azur lane Crosswave [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] [Skin Mods] (gamebanana.com) (・ ͜ʖ・)


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i NEED this pls :

Prinz Eugen: https://gamebanana.com/skins/177045

Yae Sakura: http://gamer-lab.com/eng/mdl_source/Sakura

God Kiana (if you can you might want to remove this wings thing)http://gamer-lab.com/eng/mdl_source/Eve_Code-Sariel














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Add new player skins on shop credits:
HK416 - Girl Frontline -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D4z86JYQi5gs-TCSqcXco6igIIczmZ8a/
G11 - Girl Frontline -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GFp_sh9H0RYMMF8VKBA3vQI2eUC7UIN7/
Krul Tepes - Owari no Seraph -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tx0drfFWMvnDYgRGYe_khr0si4gykDxl/
Cloud FFVII -> http://gamer-lab.com/eng/mdl_source/Cloud_Strife





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