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Z3 And Beyond - What We Learned Tonight


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First of all, I want to welcome all the new members to the community. We just hit over 400 members today, a great start to 2021!

With that came an influx of players to our servers and something we noticed was a high server variance in game.

Why does that matter you ask?

It means you are not getting the best possible gaming experience on our servers (something we want you all to have)

The reason for this is we are running Linux servers and Linux doesn't handle the source engine like Windows does. It can only use 1 CPU thread instead of multiple threads. That means the game and network calculations need to be handled on one core.

This is perfectly fine on our smaller servers, but not so good when you are trying to have 64 players on a single server every night. 

And with what we have planned for Z3 (Our latest Zombie Escape update), its not going to cut it.

What Is GhostCap's Plan To Fix It?

So our current roadmap includes releasing Z3 on Linux as it was originally built. However in the mean time we will be developing Z4 along side it and that will be our first Windows release.

Z4 will be more of a minor release for us compared to Z3.

What this also means is all of our Asia CSGO servers will be moving to Windows. 

What Will Be Different For Me?

Nothing. The IP and port will be the same and you will connect the same as you always have. The only thing is you may not be able to connect at 4am one day when we do the transfer ?


When Will It Be Done?

We hopefully want to have it finished by mid February. 


We also have some CRAZY stuff coming, but that will be revealed in another post!


Any questions? Feel free to ask them here.

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