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Commanders Of September Event - PRIZES TO BE WON! [1st September - 30th September 2021]


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Get ready for the Commanders Of September event! 

A month-long points based event for Zombie Escape players and leaders alike that can win rewards. Starting on 12:01am GMT+8 September 1st, we will be going all the way until Sep 30, 2021.

Leaders win rewards for leaders
Players win rewards for playing and submitting content

Some prizes that will be given away:

  • Blue Snowball microphone - Most points overall
  • GCG T-shirts - Points runner up
  • GCG stickers - Most improved leader
  • Discord nitro - Random (Video, Solo, Most creative Lead, Most improved Lead)
  • CSGO Prime - Random (Video, Solo, Most creative Lead, Most improved Lead)
  • Random CSGO Skins and stickers - Top 3 players in most screenshots
  • Steam games (participation prize - players and leaders)
  • Balance money on stats.ghostcap.com (participation prize - players and leaders)

How To Win?
All you need to do is simply lead a map in ZE with over 30 players on, and then if you win that map you need to post a screenshot of the win on the forums. Please post in it's own topic under the Commanders of September section with the title of the map name, example here:

You will earn different points based on the difficulty of the map. There are 3 tiers. 

Easy Map = 1 point
Normal Map = 2 points
Hard Map/Rarely played map = 3 points

Easy map examples = 1 point

Normal map examples = 2 points
Ze_otakuroom_V3 / ze_otakuroom_v5

Hard Map/Rarely played map examples = 3 points
Ze_noob_too_easy ( something like that name)

At the end of the month we will tally up the players with the highest points and the top 3 leaders will receive prizes.

If a map has already been won, you will not be able to claim points for it. This means that a variety of maps will be played!

You can lead and submit as many maps as you want!


We also have more rewards for players such as:

  • Most epic/creative map lead
  • Most improved leader
  • Player appeared in the most posted screenshots.
  • Best video (as voted by forum thread reactions)
  • Best Solo (as voted by forum thread reactions)

Just be aware, everything needs to be from the month of September! (no old solos)

You can simply post all of these to the Commanders of September section on the forums and you are in the draw! Remember to get your friends to react to your content to increase your chance of winning!


  • Leaders must be voted in using the !vl.
  • Leader DOESNT need to be alive at the end of the round.
  • If the leader starts the map but then has to leave and another leader takes over, the points will be given to whoever is most worthy (usually most time as lead)
  • An admin must be able to verify the win after you post your screenshot, if an admin is in game, tell them to verify it.
  • You must be a Discord and Forum member.
  • You must post the win screenshots or content yourself (no posting on behalf of another player).
  • No snatching lead from another player.
  • Only the primary leader will be awarded the win (Leader 1).
  • You must lead from your main account.
  • Follow our server and Discord rules. 
  • If a map has already been won, you will not be able to claim points for it.
  • Must have been played and won from the September event (no ancient screenshots)
  • Minimum 30 players on the server.

If you have any questions then ask below!

  • Pepe Clap 2
  • Pog! 6
  • Pepe Saber 2
  • WeeWoo 1
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