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CurQ here! ⊂(◉‿◉)つ


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Hi! I am CurQ!

Chinese, Singaporean, good-looking :pog:, 19 yr old.

About me:
I am the owner of a gaming community named "CUR? Gaming". The idea of forming this community came from wanting to help new CS:GO Zombie Escape servers grow by getting more players to join. My community consists of not only experienced zombie escape players who have been in the game since CS:Source but we also welcome literally anyone to be a part of our community too. By doing so, i hope to be able to help and have contributed a little to the growth of GCG in the future. I have a steam group and discord server but I don't think it's appropriate to share here lol. 

I used to be a normal CS:GO player who plays competitive. One day, I decided to try searching zombie under community servers and i came across RAZE & Zeddy Servers. I remember Zeddy server was full while RAZE server was half filled and so I played in RAZE instead. After joining RAZE, knowing the owner of the server and loving the server's gameplay, I grinded almost close to 400 hours on that server. I am lucky to have gotten to connect myself with experienced players and also took an opportunity to become a junior admin in the hopes of helping the server. Zombie Escape has really changed my life and gave me ample inspirations and people to look up to with their knowledge of coding, skins modelling, maps making & leaders.

Therefore, I am motivated and passionate in Zombie Escape. Right now, I feel that Singapore is lacking a big gaming community in which I hope to be able to grow my brand bigger in Singapore and then internationally. However, I would want to focus on Zombie Escape at the moment and build my own fanbase/player base. 

I started playing Zombie Escape around late July 2020. In consideration of how late I was into this community, I am glad to have been able to make friends with some of the most talented, brilliant, skilled, kind, friendly and fun people from the community.

I will be graduating around April next year with a diploma in Aerospace Electronics and I have to serve arnd 2 years of National Service before I can pursue University in which I hope to go into computer science.

I am constantly learning and upskilling myself. I am also forever grateful to all those who have supported me along my journey. 

That's about it from me. Thank you for your time and Happy New Year! (slightly in advance)



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