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[HP BUG] Boss HP increasing on ze_shroomforest2_p6


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We played this stage for about 3 times. We unfinished the stage on first and second try because we always run out of time on boss part due to boss HP keep increasing. At first, I thought the boss HP is only increasing because of players jumping into the boss platform. But on the last try of this stage, I was the only one who jump  to the boss room and the rest are staying outside the boss platform. After I triggered the boss, I stayed for a bit on the boss platform then I jump outside where you can see me on this clip. No one jump in on the boss room after that since everyone is already staying outside of the boss platform and yet, the boss HP still keeps increasing. As you can see on the clip, HP of the boss already goes down about 1k but it returns again to 2k HP. I don't really know if HP bug is due to CSGO update but kindly fix it thanksssss ? 

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