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[Problems] Flames by nades always make server lags

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You know, GCG grenades will make seriously server lags. But this is not grenades problem.

In ze_chroma_v0_4_csgo5, with Gravity Item, the server will be lagging until its effects end. It is because, Gravity Item will absorb zombies into 1 point and make "fire".

Flame particle will make server lags. the lags will be serious when a lot of zombies in 1 point.

ze_deadcore's lag problems can be fixed by stripper, but ze_chroma's one is impossible because it is made by Items.

We need to fix this problem as fast as we can, before discussing knockback or amount of decoies and grenades.

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I moved the topic to the correct location. As for nade lag. It only happens when there is a big stack of zombies. not sure what can be done about it to be honest. 

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