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ze_banana_temple_v1_1 Feedback Thread


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First of all, I apologize if this post is in the wrong category, I could not find any sub-category specific for ZE map-related posts.

Hello! I am a new player here, and I also made a map ze_banana_temple, which Pedrotski recently added to the ZE server. I don't think it's played yet, so I would love to hear feedback/suggestion/anything (they can be a reply to this post, so it is easier for me to track for suggestions/bug reports/etc) once it eventually wins the next map vote, because I'm a new ZE mapper, so feedback related to basic component of a ZE map, for instance, the defense timer (whether it is too short or too long) is greatly appreciated. I also personally made sure that every trigger in the map works just fine in single player mode, but the map still needs to be tested in a real ZE server, which I probably cannot attend.

The map link: https://gamebanana.com/mods/303828

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a nice day. ?

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26 minutes ago, spy steal information said:

i think 100hp not enough for me on this map lel

In the beginning, I can make it so that humans have a max HP of more than 100, but it will definitely depend on people's suggestion. Do you think 250 is enough in both difficulty? or should I make it 500 like in ze_critical?

Thank you very much for the feedback!

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10 hours ago, spy steal information said:

last time we play on sv like 30-40 player we keep lose like 3-4 round only go only reach 2nd or 3rd door  >> then we go test mode no zombie lol 

@SenFaiwat u think ?

Looks like this map needs a lot of fixing... but first, I will perhaps start by increasing the humans' beginning HP. I have also just read the comment on discord, so I will probably help fix that problem by making it so that:

- Only one or few people have to finish the MG/KZ, the others can hold the zombies off.
- When someone finishes the MG/KZ, the obstacles and traps will stop, so humans can fall back easily and proceed.

I haven't been aware of the fact that this map was played/tested before, so I want to thank everyone that played this bad map. I will try my best to make it better in the next version. Once again, thank you very much!


If there are other problems within the map that you would like to point out, or other suggestions/feedback/etc, I would love to hear it and take them into consideration before I finish the map's update.

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I hope the map is fixed already... so:
- Players now start with 500 HP on both difficulty (standard and expert).
- For "Simple Jumps 2" (the part where the platforms ascend and descend in a timely manner): When someone reaches the end, a huge platform will rise beneath the lava.
- The part where one/two players must go clear the MG/KZ course (the one named "Quick Trigger" and "Banana Evasion 3"), the helping teleporter will also be enabled on Expert (instead of Standard only), but they will take some damage when they use the helping teleporter on Expert.
- For "Quick Trigger", the platform's lifetime will be slightly extended on both difficulty.
- For "Banana Evasion 3", the banana will no longer insta-kill the player upon contact, but they will inflict a little bit of damage and burn.
- The healing item (the one given before the boss fight) will instantly grant 500 HP upon use, but the cooldown is extended from 45s to 60s.
- The lasers' damage is now doubled, from 200 HP to 400 HP.

If the map becomes too easy, I will undo some of the above changes.


Thank you!!

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