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Shop trading system


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its been a while we have this feature , but its gonna hurt the server economy system the longer we keep this i know its bad but look at the bright side , i often saw regulars just freely trade to new player who keep begging for credits its bad to give them what they need bcs of this reason :

1. they alrd reached their desire turnsout that they felt bored earlier and fail to feel the ze experience ( yes what i mean is real experience not just run and gun )

every player should be depend on theirself grinding the item while they grinding they also can feel the ze experience , not just hit and gone in a couple months (yes this alot happen )


i highly advice to regulars just let new players grind by themself let them grind and experience what real zombie escape is its help server economy systems also if you want to be kind better teach them how to grind instead rather than give them credits freely  

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