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GCG Community Update #2


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It's that time for an update on all things GhostCap. 

Obviously things have changed since the last update so lets go over some stuff.

Forum Update


We have updated our forum that now includes ranks and achievements.

You earn achievements by:

  • Signing in
  • Commenting on posts
  • Making threads
  • Following members
  • Making friends
  • Reacting
  • Being helpful

There are other ways to earn too, but we will let you find them ?

You can view your current rank by clicking your profile in the top right hand corner. 

I have also done some various performance improvements too so it should be faster!

Stats Update


If you have not noticed yet, we have made some MAJOR changes to our stats system. This also includes moving all our Ebans to stats.ghostcap.com. This just makes things easier for people to see all of the bans in one place.

In the near future our Sourcebans will 100% be moved over there, but that is a few months away.

We have also added a "Rich list" and this is actually the start of something bigger. Eventually you will be able to buy, sell and even TRADE items, all from the stats dashboard. 

You can view the stats page here: https://stats.ghostcap.com/

Zombie Escape


When we launched our Zombie Escape server, we never expected it to get to the level it is at now. We are now ranking #7th in the world out of all CSGO servers. 

This is all thanks to the amazing community and the hard work from the admin team that is head by @NJOOSHY

What's next for GhostCap Zombie Escape?

Well the next major thing is going to be our Z4 launch. This isn't going to be a major revamp like Z3 was, this is going to be a refinement on Z3, with some new features that were previously impossible for us.

I can't really say to much right now, but a hint is we are trying to expand that ZE experience as much as we can. Maybe bring the experience outside the game? ?

You can expect to see Z4 closer to the end of the year.

(don't worry, there will be minor updates, balance tweaks, features rolled out before then!)

What's Next For GCG?

Right now our focus is MINECRAFT. We personally feel we could be really competitive in that space and that's why we have gone ALL IN on developing new servers. On launch we will have a full network with a lobby + 5 or 6 different worlds.

All different game modes too. 

This is our focus and we expect a beta launch for Members in the next 2/3 months. 


That's all I can think of for now. If you have any suggestions for GCG then leave them in the comments below.

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