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[Suggestion]we can add top defender list and can gain some credits?


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now a few ppl still doorhug,no listen and no def i think we can add top defender and can gain credits.

like if you shoot def zombie is many time and many hit,when round over and you still survive you will on top defender list and gain maybe 2-10 credits?or like top 1 gain 10credits,top 2 gain 7 credits,top 3 gain 5 credits,etc.

if human all die zm win is nothing happen or maybe last survive defender gain credits

you want credits?just go def,if we do like this,i think more ppl will listen leader and go defend,if can do this,thank you very much~d(`・∀・)b

my english is bad so maybe have some wrong means(´;ω;`)

top defender list like this.jpg

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