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GhostCap Gamming 10x Rust Server Change Log


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In this thread you will find all the latest changes to our Rust server. This is where you can dispute changes to the server.

For SUGGESTIONS, please create a new thread with [Suggestions] at the start of the title. If you ask for changes elsewhere, they will be ignored ?

If you need to submit a bug report or an error, they go in this section:  https://forums.ghostcap.com/forum/19-submit-a-bug/


  • Added auto SAM site auth
  • Added random events
  • Added custom icon
  • Added random scrap and mini heli spawn
  • Added deathnotes again (limited radius)
  • Added Discord API
  • Added raidable bases
  • Allow SAMs to target patrol heli
  • Added storage to scrap heli
  • Added drone patrol
  • Adder powerless neon lights
  • Added player listing (/players)
  • Edited update message


  • Added permissions manager plugin
  • Added save announcements
  • Added heli hud (/altimeter)
  • Added server chat details
  • Auto close doors
  • Changed recycler speed (Instant)
  • Changed charcoal output to 10X in furnace
  • Changed TPR to 20 seconds and daily amount 100
  • Removed cold/hot/radiation damage and on screen effect
  • Disabled AI moving
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