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[How To] Earn Credits In Ghostcap Gaming Servers!


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You have probably seen it on one of our servers, someone running with a sweet anime skin, or an even better [I<3NJOO] tag prefix on their chat.

But you have no idea how to earn credits?

This post is going to show you some of the methods you can use to earn credits to spend in !shop (type it in chat in game)

A small note for the new members, we use what's called MULTISHOP. This means that credits you earn on one Ghostcap CSGO servers, can be spent on another.

1. Put ghostcap.com in your Steam name

This is the most effective ways to earn credits across all our servers. And on our Zombie Escape server, you also earn XP. Every night from 12am until early morning, you can enjoy double credit gain, and every Monday is double credits too.

2. Open FREE daily cases on our website

Did you know we have our own cases? You can find them on https://stats.ghostcap.com We have cases you can open daily, or weekly. We have a full write up on our cases system here.

3. Claim your !daily credits

If you type !daily in chat, you will earn credits, this multiplies every day that you claim for up to 7 days. You can also claim your daily on multiple servers. This means if you play PUG and then go to ZE, you're able to claim multiple times. 

4. Buy Premium

While buying Premium doesn't give you credits right away, you can enjoy double credits all the time. Your !daily will also be auto claimed for you so you never have to worry about typing it in chat again.

You can purchase Premium here: https://www.ghostcap.com/premium/


We are always adding ways to earn more credits for you to spend in our !shop. So make sure you join our discord to stay up to date!

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