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Zombie Ready Counter Strike Mod Release


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Zombie Ready Counter Strike, is a mod that changes CSGO's visual to be more suitable for Zombie mode servers. It adjust numerous CSGO's Files but not the core file, ensuring that this mod is safe from VAC BANS.

  • migi support has been removed and will no longer be updated, use the client version for better use of this mod. The new exe file might be detected as a virus by any antivirus, I assure you this is 100% safe and will not alter anything on your PC.

Get it here: ToppiOfficial/Zombie-Ready-Counter-Strike-Mod (github.com)




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NOTICE! (21/04/2021)

- After a major update, the mod is now only for client side which uses an executable to setup and launch. Anti viruses may detect it as a malware or any form of virus, I assure this is 100% safe and would not alter anything from your computer. (Credits to Zool Smith for the executable code and workaround to launch mod on CSGO)

- Migi version is no longer supported and had been stripped away from the mod.  Sorry for the inconvenience but this decision is now permanent.

- As wings/hats/masks cannot be transparent for unknown reason, a method that will stripped the model away has been used.  This technique will force most wings/hats/mask to be render as a invisible 2 polygon plane instead, which should give performance.

- If you discovered  a bug/issue please let me know as soon as possible via discord or here on this post.

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