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CS:GO Zombie Escape Map List [REQUEST MAPS HERE!]


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Thank you for making forum I can request maps.

I want to request for adding some rtv levels to “ze_grau_a03_4ff”.

These levels are called

• fys
• Z 

• A


↑ I don't know about stripper or sth like that, but I hope his postings will help.

 I see some people eager to play in this server, so I decided to request. 

Again, Thank you. 


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Requesting these obj maps:

ze_obj_insane_v1_2 (377 mb)
1 stage 35 mins long with npcs and boss, hardest obj all time, big map but worth to add.

ze_obj_collapse_b3fix (224 mb)
1 stage 50+ mins long, longest obj, hard challange

ze_obj_eliminate_b2 (347 mb)
1 stage 30 mins long with npcs and traps, cancer

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