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[Suggestion] CS 1.6 Zombie Escape MOD

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Helo i want suggest this allĀ 

1. Remove VIP dual gunslinger
this shud be remove and replace wit samthing bettear
2. Remove all VIP items and replace wit new
i feel bored when i play with vip items
3. Change mod/add boss maps
4. Remove all extra items end replace wit new

extra items in ze really like LSZE

5. Remove hclasses
i do not know why this exists no use of it anyway
6. add more zclass
- Yaksha
- Mummy (fireball)
7. Divine blaster
this weapon super op in csns maybe it goods
8. Magnum launcher
this good when escape it will kill zm fast
9. Add fps map configurations
add like thisĀ 


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1. Removed in next update
2. I'll try replacing it with new ones, right now i'm running out of ideas. If you have weapons to suggest feel free to post it.
3. Currently working on it
4. I'll try it if i have new replacements, about extra's like LSZE. Yeah you're right, it was inspired by that server.

5. Will be removed in next update (if possible)
6. I don't know about Yaksha, i've never try to play with it. Mummy seems a good one, but it sucks really.
7. I don't know if its possible to add, if you have source codes+resources of it, you can PM/DM me in discord so I can convert it to ZE
8. This was added before, but somehow I removed it as its lags out other players. Especially the 2nd mode effect, it drops players(s) fps badly
9. That seems a good one, i'll try to add it in next update.

About VIP/ADMIN rules, you can type "/rules" in server to see it. Since there's no CS 1.6 subforum here, if there's any i'll post it there soon.
Vote map menu, you can only vote ze maps though, nemesis maps aren't votable. It will appear at voting menu automatically if its FREE VIP time.
For camera view menu, vou can use the cam via typing "/cam" in chat and btw Roll the dice is already implemented, you can earn free AP/XP via typing "/freecoins" or "/get".

Thanks for your suggestion.

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