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[Suggestion] plz add like anti edge plugin

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plz add like anti edge plugin like when u become 2nd zombie or got infected u can't infect other human like 1-3 sec
both ze and zm 
even in zm some people only use knife all round for kaboom skill and trim team that hide same spot cause edge 
if it be add in would be great at least have 1-3 sec to kill the edger lol

etc . i don't know where to find plugin lol

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this anti edge different from other sv that i see before
this one >> person who got infected got teleport to the infecter zombie 
in zm map 1-2 maps ago i see who got infect sometime got teleport and stuck 

for me i don't like a bit lol since the scene shaky while got teleport  
maybe wait see other people feedback this 2-3 days 

in some sv anti edge they use is like human who got infec stay there but can't infect in that 3 second   ( or can set second )
i think if we add that one maybe better than this one ( but idk where to find lel )

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Remove it at best, if not then add like the one MGM said, 1-3second no knife. But other than that i suggest remove anti edge. Because it is part of the zombie escape experience/gameplay. If someone is edging, the CT team will need to prefire the edger before he gets knifed by a zombie. It is the teamwork of the ct team to counter edger. When im leading maps and i see edger, i just ask the ct team to shoot the edger so he dont trim the team.

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