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[Suggestion] Please reduce time per map 45 minutes >> 20-25 minutes ( 45 minutes too much )

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1 hour ago, NJOOSHY said:

i think 25 or 30 minutes for first no extend vote since old settings not even much time left when we playing fapescape ex2 all extend already used 

It already was 30 mins previously. You wanted it 50 so I changed it to 45. 

I have reverted this change. 

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1 hour ago, spy steal information said:

i think it should be lower down a bit to 20-25 ( in some map that 1 stage  some player don't know how to rtv when keep play like 5-7 round in same ez map make bored >> people leave )
or maybe plz set in the ez map = 20 

Its too much work to separate "easy" and "hard" map time. Each map would need its own config and with 550 maps its a big job. I would personally put the effort elsewhere.

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