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ze_rush_b_v2_2  map bug still can't download map lol

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Server Name: Singapore: CS:GO Zombie Escape
Map Name: ze_rush_b_v2_2 
 map bug still can't download map lol

i suggest remove this map out from nomination till this download map fix or maybe try reinstall file + stripper + nomination ( maybe some thing wrong with nomination since in past tha 1st time when map got add it has big litter in name)

-  like 90% play on this map has this download problem and most people has this problem which most of them they not in discord and they don't know how to download map in gcg fast dl and we lose player >> no enough player to play this map or even nextmap 

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i think something wrong with download map on game server or some setting wrong make it not allow download 
not the download failed in past ( me remove all map file before join this map so it should be as 1st join or 1st download)

- most people that can't download  usually is new player or 1st time join that map and they not know how to download gcg fast dl  
( usually lose 50% - 80% people after come to this map cause they can't download and don't know how to download from fastdl like we got 15-25 people left many times which the map require 50+ player cause it hard )

- when they can't join some will try rejoin sv in game but will got kick out to lobby cause can't download
>> after pass 5 minutes they bored and stop and go do something else , play other games , or play other sv ( if traveller )

- people that can join = already have file before or they download in gcg fastdl

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