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[SUGGESTION] Add AntiStack Damage Plugin


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the reason why to add anti stack damage bcs to  Fix trigger_hurt that has Parent 

Plugin : https://github.com/darkerz7/CSGO-Plugins/blob/master/AntiStackDamage/AntiStackDamage.sp

and the reason why its needed:
1. Some map that use trigger_hurt to damage human multiplied and kill human instantly rather than took 10 damage per hit they recieve 10 damage x10times  in 1 second that end up killing Human instantly! this always happen to everyone 
2. Everythings will be much more HARDER if theres no antistackdamage installed the bossfight will be quite impossbile to win.

Suspected why im doubt about peformance:
1. since it prevent users to get trigger hurt many times it will impact the server peformance in a few seconds if 50 humans got hit by trigger hurt func
raze is a huge example why ppl lagging on water at ze_mist , ze dreamin when crystall hit 50+ human in one place , or many map that use trigger_hurt the var goes yellow and red at that time . this only the CONS of adding this plugins , the rest is Worth it for keeping many human survied to win the maps and less stress on tryharding.

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