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[CS:GO] RedLambda's Silence Appeal


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Username / IGN: RedLambda

SteamID64: 76561198389039713

Alt Accounts: 

Discord Handle: Reddiest#4995

Punishment Reason: Got muted for expressing myself maybe?

Why Should Your Punishment Be Lifted: Both the chat and the in-voice communication features got muted permanently, perhaps i presume this came after me by having a bit of argument between me and one of the leader in the server before, if i do recall, his nickname was "sword" with a vietnamese/chinese accent (i'm sorry i didn't mean that in the offense way,this might allows you to recognize who exactly this leader guy is, not to mention also that i never find this guy anymore in the server since i got fully muted in the server)

To make it short,I do really regret and asking for appologizes for any bad behaviours that i had in the csgo ze server before, whether it was talking too much (in a unnecessary way) or being a little too annoying in the server, i'm aware that some of you got mad at me especially for the sword guy that caused me to be muted permanently throughout the game, i did not actually know about the culture of the server since i was just a random guy joining a random server that i found in gametracker website,it took me a while to figure it out about the enviroments of the field, this community is something that i've never seen after a while,and i do really respect a lot of it, while in the behaviours term that i made,some may find that funny as an interactive and chit-chat time, and some may don't, while i'm also a player that came up from such a lot of communities that mostly formed like "unorganized" or "do whatever you want" typical server across from a lot of games (like half-life, sven co-op, nide server css,etc), i realize that i cannot fit my attitude for such a server like ghostcap one

So i do really appologize for anything that you may considered it as a bad behaviour,etc and etc, i just wanna you guys to know,that i'm not a bad person, i'm just a little too excited, i hope this community didn't get to me that wrong, and neither do i to you, infact there's one leader that i liked, this guy has an indian accent, he's such a good and friendly guy,i don't actually remember his nickname, but i do remember the first when i met him, i'm sure he still remember me, cause i'm the guy that yelling "sling-shot again!?" In the map.

That's all, sorry for the long article, and sorry for the bad english, i'm just a self-learner english speaker that limited out of vocabulary and even lack of grammatical writing and listening skill

Oh also, i actually got banned from the discord chat server, i don't know if it's still relevant, but they banned me for missunderstood the conversation, idk such a complicated one to explain

Evidence That May Prove My Case: NO,

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Hi RedLambda,

A member of the staff team will look in to your punishment appeal.

This process usually takes 2-3 days.




- GhostCap Staff

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