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[CS:GO] yam1's Staff Application


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What's your IGN (In Game Name): yam1

Discord Handle: ʏᴀᴍɪ#5356

What is Your SteamID64: 76561199148671805

Age: 20

Time Spent in Our Servers: 144

Do you have previous experience? If so where, what did you do and why did you leave?: Nope

Why do you want to join the GhostCap Team: The reason why I want to join Ghostcap is that ghostcap pug is a very good server altho I just join in for like only 1 month, and I hope I can make it better.

How would you make GhostCap better: I will strictly enforce the rules and punish those who are trolling, toxicity, and hacking in the server. Altho I have friends playing in pug but I promise I won't be biased against anyone who break the rules and try to break the harmony of the community.

What existing things would you change about GhostCap: in my own opinion, the pug server can change back to 10 v 10 because sometimes there isn't enough space for players to join.

Have you ever helped the server staff and / or the community?: YES,

What are your future plans to change this server to be a better place?: i would like to add one more awp competitive server cuz it might more competitive than bhop awp

What makes you different from other players? : I'm a funny and extrovert guy

Have you ever been banned or muted from the server?: NO,


What languages are proficient in?: English and Chinese, altho i prefer to speak Chinese more but i have totally no issue communicating by using English

Do you have any experience / knowledge of programming?: YES, Python

Any other information you would like to add: Thanks for your consideration, no matter what the result is i luv u gus <3



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