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[CS:GO] SAber's Staff Application


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What's your IGN (In Game Name): SAber

Discord Handle: SAber#4465

What is Your SteamID64: 76561198276314025

Age: 21

Time Spent in Our Servers: 213 hours

Do you have previous experience? If so where, what did you do and why did you leave?: Never, but I helped Rem to catch cheaters in PUG before. So, I understand the flow of the banning process.

Why do you want to join the GhostCap Team: I want to make the PUG server's environment get better.
Since I am a heavily active player in PUG. I've encountered cheaters, trollers and toxic players many times, and I understand that admins won't be around all the times. That's why I want to be one of the admins to help out others and keeps Ghostcap in a good form.

How would you make GhostCap better: I'll strictly enforce rules and penalties for players who engage in cheating, toxic and disruptive behaviour. I saw that pug player number is growing gradually and consistently, which means it's very difficult for Ghostcap admins to monitor every single player's behaviour. I have friends on the server, but I'll not be biased towards any of their unsportsmanlike or inappropriate behaviour. I'll consistently keep track of suspicious players and collect evidence before making any decision.

What existing things would you change about GhostCap: I think Ghostcap is already a great community under the cooperation of server players and admins.I just want to keep it in shape to ensure the wonderful experience that I had.

Have you ever helped the server staff and / or the community?: YES,

What are your future plans to change this server to be a better place?: I'll like to engage more with pug players so that they won't be hesitated to report anything to me.

What makes you different from other players? : I am one of the most active players in PUG server and I am confident that my age will bring an advantage to make me more matured admin.

Have you ever been banned or muted from the server?: YES, I was only banned for one time because of me accidentally containing 'n word' in my message.


What languages are proficient in?: Chinese - 10 I am very proficient in Chinese both communicating and understanding.
English - 8 Although I'm not majoring English, but I can communicate with English without any problem.

Do you have any experience / knowledge of programming?: NO,

Any other information you would like to add: Thank you for reviewing and considering my application, your approvement will be greatly appreciated.



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