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GCG Zombie Escape Server In-Game Commands


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GCG Zombie Escape server commands

Exclusive for our server: zombies.ghostcap.com

This post contains everything you need to get started on our Zombie Escape server. Simply type the commands into the chat window while your in game and follow the menus. 
If you see someone struggling with commands, please help them out ? Everyone was new once!


Is something missing or not working? Leave a comment below!

!premium - Access to premium features and service

!zmenu - The main Zombie Reloaded console that gives you access to your personal settings.

!lk - Access your personal account

!hudmoney - Toggle the CSGO money hud on the left side of your screen

!func - Easily access the function and games menu

!credits - Toggle your store credits on the top left of the screen

!es <NAMEHERE> - Spectate a player.

!hide - Toggle to hide your Team

!hud - Switches the player’s display of the Ent HUD

!hudname  - Switches the display of player names in Ent HUD

!hudpos - <x> <y> - Allows you to set the position of the Ent HUD

!hudcolor - <R> <G> <B> <A> - Allows you to set the color of the Ent HUD

!ws - Choose a weapon skin

!knife - Choose a knife

!settings - Toggles the settings menu for gun sounds etc.

!stopsound - Alternative for quick gun sound access.

!music - Turn map music on or off.

!music <volume>  - Set the volume of the map music.

!guns - Choose your default weapon loadouts.

!hitmarkers / hm - Turn hitmarker sounds on or off. Also change the style

!voteleader - Votes for the specified player to be leader

!leader - Access the leader menu

!shop - Buy in game swag items using credits you earn for playing and making kills.

!stuck - Did you get stuck somewhere? Unstuck yourself.

!noshake - Stops the screen shake when you turn into a Zombie

!rtv or rtv- If you don't like the map, rock the vote. (Vote to change map)

!report - report a player for misbehaving 

!lvl - Check your Zombie Escape stats for stats.ghostcap.com.

!sm - Mute a player if they are annoying you. (!sm @all to mute everyone)

!su - Unmute a player you have muted. (!su @all to unmute everyone)

!status - See if an admin has banned you from using entities.

!showname / !shownames - Toggles player names and HP of the player you're targeting.

!showdamage - Toggle the alert that displays damage you have dealt to a zombie.

thetime - Shows the current server time.

timeleft - See how much longer the current map hast left.

!nextmap / nextmap - See the next map coming up.

!ztele - Teleport zombies back to spawn.

!tp - Toggles third person and first person mode.

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