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[CS:GO] Geronimoooooo-ghostcap.com's Staff Application


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What's your IGN (In Game Name): Geronimoooooo-ghostcap.com

Discord Handle: geronimo#4896

What is Your SteamID64: 76561198143793864

Age: 25

Time Spent in Our Servers: 1332

Do you have previous experience? If so where, what did you do and why did you leave?: No

Why do you want to join the GhostCap Team: I wanna help regulate the server rules.

How would you make GhostCap better: Uhmm be very strict when playing hard maps for example we play obj and the player died twice on the same mistake which is overdefending, I suggest we kick him if we know there are players waiting on bravo. Let's not add more stress to the leader.

What existing things would you change about GhostCap: I think the hide option really makes big changes on the fps of the players with low-spec PC and maybe a new leader option where he can one-click mute everyone except the online staff.

Have you ever helped the server staff and / or the community?: NO,

What are your future plans to change this server to be a better place?: Always be friendly to the newcomers and old players and maybe more activities like weekly or monthly, this excites the players.

What makes you different from other players? : I am very disciplined.

Have you ever been banned or muted from the server?: YES, I was muted when I was a little new on the server cause my mic is so sensitive.


What languages are proficient in?: English - 8 in both communicating and understanding.
Tagalog - 10 in both communicating and understanding.
Bisaya - 10 in both communicating and understanding.

Do you have any experience / knowledge of programming?: NO,

Any other information you would like to add: No more hehe



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