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CS:GO Zombie Escape Server Name


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Okay so i want to ask some of yall, so I want to ask if the ghostcap zombie escape server name is changed or not? because ever since I deleted my CS:GO, and I reinstalled it... and when I wanted to play a community game Zombie escapes and goes to my history/favorite, i dont find any GHOSTCAP server it only shows up one server name called GPLCLAN? Is that the new server name? Because i dont remember i play GPLCLAN server... Thanks

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If you have not played in the past 12 months then yes, there has been a change. 


Here are the ip addresses of our current servers. The most popular is Zombie Escape alpha. You can add them to your favourites in game. If you get stuck leave a message or join us on Discord for a quicker response. 

🇸🇬 - CSGO Zombie Escape Alpha - connect - steam://connect/
🇸🇬 - CSGO Zombie Escape Bravo - connect - steam://connect/
🇺🇸 - CSGO Zombie Escape Training - connect - steam://connect/
🇺🇸 - CSS Zombie Escape - connect - steam://connect/

Simply click the link above for the server you want to connect to. If you need help on how to join a CSGO community server, here is a guide: https://www.ghostcap.com/how-to-join-a-csgo-server/

See a full list with player counts here 👉 https://forums.ghostcap.com/servers

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