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I was playing on the server chill. There were jokes on the sv about playing diddle so i just nominated diddle then after 1 minute i removed the nomination. Then it just popes out that NJOOSHY removed all my experience from the sv and all my time i have played on it. I asked then why this happened. Nobody answered me just someone Schiwi said that bc of nominating maps and i asked how, what happened? After i was asking on the sv why i got reseted my lvl and all, NJooshy just answers quick that i was inflating sv with noms-----------------     what the hell?                  He could tell me to not nominate or dont do like this anymore and i would just have stopped, bc who thinks that nominating a map and removing it from the list is inflating or idk how ( espeecially that there were more players that did the same thing, they nominated and removed nomination and no one banned them or removed their experience)  . I dont get it why he didnt tell me to stop or smth if this was an issue,  Schiwii then told that i should be happy that i didnt got ban, then NJOOSY just banned me for like 1 day with the reason (complains on the forum). This feels the best reason for a ban  ....          I think they were on discord or smthg,  maybe for you admins is funny to just ban random persons any just type random numbers in console,  and then amusing on discord.            I dont see any reason why as an admin he didnt tell me not to do that, or just tell me to stop (because i think thats why u are an admin) to help people on the sv and hold the belfare of all ppl ,  if it was an issue, bc how am i supposed to know that if i nominate a map and remove it from the list is not good for the sv......       

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