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Leader menu/setup opinion.


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 I like the new leader menu, however using shift and number actually slows the leader, which affecting their performance . I'm okay with always performing a double-right click, pressing a number till the menu vanishes, and then repeating the process. Because of this, the leader's speed hasn't truly decreased.


Another point is that the radar on the mini-map is hidden if the leader menu is always open. As a result, sometimes when I want to know where East is, I have to press 9 to exit the leader menu and release my mouse in order to do so, which has a significant impact on the mobility of the leader.

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I am a new leader and like to stay front to defend with the team in this server.

The following is my opinions for new leader menu:

1. I argee with schwii, in addition, shift + 2 3 4 is a little bit not convenient for leader, especially the leader who defend with the team in front and not convenient for my fingers to press w + shift + 2 or 3 or 4 and same time.

2. Increase the marker amount for each kind of markers, it will good to solo leader for mark the multiple way need to defend or show the way which is easy to get lost.

3. I heard that leader can draw lines but need to type consoles, maybe can put it in the leader menu to turn on and turn off.

4. We can't !vl the guy who become zombie in warmup and first round.

By the way, the beacons and the particals shoot from the leader looks cool.




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