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[CS:GO] Shady's Ban Appeal


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Username / IGN: Shady

SteamID64: 1441179626

Alt Accounts: 

Discord Handle: S E N S H I#7249

Punishment Reason: trolling

Why Should Your Punishment Be Lifted: they say im trolling but i'm not trolling but admin trust the *** guy said im trolling but im not trolling i play game in the server for fun and trip or annoy toxic pleyer and that is then i trip then then ,they said im trolling ,i dont troll if i troll i get banned in that server ,the admin is not fair cause he not see what story or what happended in our game the fatshady said this/me im trolling but im not and fat shady said this guy want banned me why? and etc my english is bad cuase i dont speak enlish or wrong grammar

Evidence That May Prove My Case: -SELECT-,

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