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CSGO Mega Thread - Remove any doubts in your head; it's us, or them


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CSGO has had its ups and down from changes in game mechanics to guns and maps. However, still to this day (8 years after launch) CSGO is still hitting new records. It is because of this and our love for the game that GCG is focusing a majority of its resources on creating free, stable, and fun servers for all around the world to join. 


Humble beginnings

From a small gaming group to a quickly growing multi-country community GCG is putting a majority of its time and effort into creating CS:GO servers that include 1v1 arenas, gun game and Zombies. Started back in early 2013 GhostCap Gaming was originally named RIP Ascendancy and focused on teamwork over numbers and never shunned away from an unfair fight. While remaining a small gaming group for a majority of this time it still had the opportunity to sponsor its first CS:GO team (Dislekek) back in 2016. 


While this thread will mention our current servers that are live, it will be obsolete within a short time so be sure to check out our servers page on the website HERE.

  • Perth 1v1 Arena
  • Perth Gun Game
  • Singapore Zombies

CSGO Server Ideas

With the new update (Dec 2020) with CS:GO opening its own 1v1's and making it harder to direct connect off friends into custom games we are finding new ways to get people to come and play their favorite community game modes. Do you have an idea that you think people will love or are you looking to find some authority and want to become a GCG admin? We're always looking for the next best thing. 

CS:GO Sponsored Team

After the success of Dislekek and their tournaments GhostCap is now looking for a new team to sponsor. We understand we aren't Vitalitys sponsor and can't offer everything needed to win a world championship, we also aren't asking you to be world-class. Do you and a group of your friends have what it takes to play nationwide tournaments? Then we want YOU. Start a new topic covering who you are and what your skill level is and we can see what GCG can do for you. 


See you all down long!

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