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[Unturned] unknown error's Ban Appeal


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Username / IGN: unknown error

SteamID64: 76561199165304583

Alt Accounts: 

Discord Handle: mateyy77#8009

Punishment Reason: "staff abuse"

Why Should Your Punishment Be Lifted: The cheater got on the server and tped to me, spawned a firetruck and roadkilled me, then destroyed my bed and i couldn't get to my skybase, same happened to my friends base and some other people. I asked on the GhostCap Discord server about getting our stuff back and access to our bases or skybases again, i think that's the reason i got banned. I was just mad because me and my team lost all of our progress by a cheater. I don't have the evidence of a cheater being on the server, but many people saw that and can confirm that he was doing this type of stuff. I am very sorry for my behavior, next time i'll try my best to stay calm.

Evidence That May Prove My Case: NO,

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