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my problems


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I dont know why i cant download those map ! 

Maps directory missing 9 maps from the map list, marking them for download...
Downloading ze_obj_rampage_v1_2
ze_obj_rampage_v1_2 download failed
Downloading ze_uchiha_legacy_cm2_fix
ze_uchiha_legacy_cm2_fix download failed
Downloading ze_harry_potter_v2_1_csgo
ze_harry_potter_v2_1_csgo download failed
Downloading ze_starwars_v2fix_csgo3
ze_starwars_v2fix_csgo3 download failed
Downloading ze_tesv_skyrim_v5_6
ze_tesv_skyrim_v5_6 download failed
Downloading ze_strange_world_v1
ze_strange_world_v1 download failed
Downloading ze_obj_npst_v2
ze_obj_npst_v2 download failed
Downloading ze_obj_insane_v1
ze_obj_insane_v1 download failed
Downloading ze_obj_void_b4_t2
ze_obj_void_b4_t2 download failed
Successfully downloaded/extracted 0 maps

Any help or my laptop issue ? 

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1 hour ago, dinhco said:

nah i used map downloader but it not working ! 

That's what I meant... 

But yeah, this is an issue on the server managers' end. They need to mark the maps larger than 150mb so the map downloader will know to download the map differently.

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25 minutes ago, pedrotski said:

How exactly do you "mark" them?

The map list must be an online hosted URL (to support the dynamically updating nature of the program), where you choose to host it is up to you. The format for any custom map list just needs to be a CSV (comma separated values) map list with a $ symbol prefixing any map not using .bz2 format in the FastDL (likely maps > 150 MB).

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