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[bug] top defender

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top defender some times it not show the correct top defender

1. Round 1 each map

- at round 1 it count damage from warm up plus round 1 ( so if u are human in warm up , u can farm damage to be top defender)


2. other round than round 1  ( i not sure it happen in round 2 only or not  since i found out at round 2 for 3-4 times )
idk what make it's bug but sometimes i found out some time peoplee who overdefend with negev not even get in top defender and the gaps damage score between 1 and 3 are too far ( i think somethings wrong) 
example in this picture emilia negev overdefender he use negev overdefend not even get in top defender and gaps top 1 and top 3 too far so it make me think something may be wrong


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i think number 2 is like if u get top defender this round >> next round u won't be in top defender ( not 100% chance but i see fappen few times )

round 4 u get in one of the top 3 defender >> round 5 u won't get in any of the top defender no matter how much damage u deal to the zombie(not 100% happen ) ( but u still has chance get mvp music)

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