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ARK Survival Evolved Mega Thread - More Info Inside


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Hello and welcome to the ARK Mega Thread. Covering the basics of what the future plans are for ARK within the GCG community. If you have any questions or comments relating to the post feel free to ask below, otherwise we encourage you to start a new thread if it's anything else. 


GhostCap and ARK

Ark has been one of those games that is always pumped with new and exciting content but never fully released. This is what brings new people in and keeps old players playing. While not a main game that GCG has primarily focused on, we really want to dive headfirst into running some of the best performance servers in OCE and Asia. If you are interested in helping our team admin our servers or just have a few ideas as to what you want you want to see then we would love to hear from you. 


Starting small GCG is looking at opening only 1-3 servers and building up from there, hopefully having this completed by early 2021. We understand that ark has a plethora of mods and maps we want to keep it enjoyable for a variety of players. With our servers leaning towards medium casual players with a PVP touch. This means we will be making sure you can come play for a bit after school/ work while not having to worry about those people who never leave home and play 24/7. With mods such as offline protection and multiplication time-savers (3-10x server resources) so you don't need to make ARK your second job just to enjoy it. 

What To Expect

Expanding quickly is a great way to grab the attention of people looking for an active community and friends to play with. It's this momentum that we are looking to maintain well into the '20s. With the backing of the entire admin team here at GCG Ark will be a game to keep an eye on here in the community. Hit us up if you want to be apart of our team. 

We'll cya out there Player: 123. 

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