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[Bug report] csgo zombie escape

spy steal information

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today pokemon adventure map  (ze_pkmn_adventure_v9_3)

At stage 4 we lose like 8 round but 4 of the round got bug

1. door bug not open 1 round
2. door open already without trig 2 round
- ramp open stage 4 1 round 
- after boss die stage 4 normally need wait cutscene or something 20s  but 1 round it's gone and has tp can get in 
3. zm cage auto open 1 round after zm tp in there ( zm usually get tp in cage and will open 22second timer ) 

maybe something related with the castle vania bugs tp ( 2 days ago we play castle vania map but we got tp with zm even throgh no one pass the door yet ( zm usually tp like 10-20s after door open or something )

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