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Zombie Escape Server Rules


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It's come time to lay down the LAW!

In the end, we want everyone to have a fun time. These are more of a guide line for everyone to follow to make it enjoyable

Here is a list of rules for our Zombie Escape servers.

Think something is missing or its unfair? Let me hear about it in the comments!

If you have been banned, submit a ban appeal here: https://forums.ghostcap.com/forum/17-ban-appeals/

  1. Have fun!
  2. Don't bully or troll people, everyone was new once so help them instead.
  3. Over the top rages will get you warned and possibly muted. Chill out!
  4. Don't use scripts or exploits on our servers. If you are caught you will be punished accordingly (Hacks are permaban from our entire network instantly).
  5. Spamming chat and voice will not be tolerated (Mute+Gag).
  6. Racist remarks are not allowed (Mute+Gag).
  7. Sound boards ARE NOT allowed.
  8. "Suggestions" or "Improvements" wont be accepted in game. Make a post in the forums if you want the admin team to take them seriously.
  9. Don't mislead the group.
  10. The admins decision in the right decision at the time. If you have a problem with the decision or admin, post in the ban appeals section. 
  11. Listen to the leader.
  12. Trolling / throwing items to void/disconnect using items intentionally will cause Eban.
  13. Using exploit / bugs on the map will cause Ban.
  14. Sharing any kinds of exploits / bug publicly will cause Ban.
  15. Posting any kinds of Advertainments will cause mute and Gag
  16. Don't talk over the leader.
  17. Don't inflate the enemy team.
Edited by pedrotski
Added more rules thanks to Njooshy
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