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[FREE VPN] Get Better Ping, Reliability And Lower Loss In Games Using WARP!


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Do you seem to always have bad internet in Asia and every day seems like a challenge to get reliable ping?

Then the issue may be the ROUTING your standard ISP offers you.

This is just a super quick guide that gives you a better gaming experience by using Cloudflares WARP service (It's free)


It's also a step above changing your DNS settings to (do that in a guide found here)

Here is what this guide will attempt to solve.

  • High loss
  • Ping spikes
  • Missing map downloads
  • Routing issues

Step 1: Install the Cloudflare WARP app from here:

Step 2: Go to your Downloads folder and double-click on Cloudflare_WARP_Release-x64.msi.

Step 3: Follow the instructions in the installer to complete installation.

Cloudflare WARP will automatically launch and appear in your menu bar with the Cloudflare logo.


That's it!

Let me know your results below!!!

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Tested it yesterday with Globe Limited Plan (Mobile Network)
Here are my results: (Loss spike meaning I don't usually get loss it just spikes up every few moments

Without Cloudflares Warp:

Max: 140ms; 40 loss spike

Average: 107ms; 21 loss spike

Min: 75ms; 2 loss spike


With Cloudflares Warp:

Max: 320ms; 0 loss spike

Average 276ms; 0 loss spike

Min: 231ms; 0 loss spike


My conclusion: it did what it said it would, use it if you do not mind high ping to about 200 - 300ms, its a good benefit to get smooth connection.  Plus side its free.  Downside you don't get to choose what server you wanna connect to.  Please do keep in mind this is tested on my ISP so this may differ from your side.

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2 minutes ago, DemonSlayerCS said:

This seems not working at me, tested it on my Converge and PLDT

Without Cloudfares warp:
Max: 40 ms; No loss lol
Average: ?
Min: 31; No loss

With Cloudfares warp
Max: 40 ms; No loss again
Average: ?
Min: 31 ms; No loss

Final conclusion:
It works as it's expected but in my part it's not needed that much, since my ISP had good routing at singapore (Hongkong mostly), so no need to use VPN. Only use VPN if you experience lag spikes or something in game. But over all, if you're internet is really good enough, then don't use VPN.

I know what island you live on with that ping haha. Mine is terrible from the south!

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