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Suggestion of adding zm maps with old unlimited stack settings to bravo server

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Suggestion of adding zm maps with old unlimited stack zm boost settings to bravo server ( no auto bhop ) 

Why " no auto bhop "
- For me i think auto bhop just broke most of the hide spots in zm maps  ( not only me think it's broke zm map lel i try ask some people already )
- it's fell like u playing zombie bhop insted of zombie survival

Others reason
- The most fun things for me that i remember in past in zm map is stacking sit boosting with 10 player to the sky 
- see that now bravo not much player in since it's only use for wait que maybe if we try seeding it's maybe some of zm map lovers will join
- this mode no need require much player like ze so if we has 10 player still can play ( hope they play while wait que ? )
- add dance back to this bravo server maybe a good idea  i remember in past seeding gang midnight they just dance and chill till like 1-2am to seed server

- i know most player now don't like zm maps and it's kill server but this one is bravo u no people to kill and u can get a place for chill out


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We cant really do this as Bravo is simply a sync of Alpha server. We have been looking at bringing back ZM maps for a while as we are also bringing back dance to the server, so this would be a perfect fit. 

The only difference is unlike the previous system, we will be changing it so ZM maps cant be played during the day on low pop, only ZE still. (time based not player count based)

So ZM would be more of a late night gang mode. 

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