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Everything To Know About Using Premium (Commands Inside)


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In this post you will find how to use the features of Premium. If you would like to see the features or purchase Premium, then please check here: https://www.ghostcap.com/premium.

Most of the functions are applied automatically as soon as you buy Premium such as your Discord role, scoreboard tag, chat crown, credit gain etc, but some functions need commands to be able to use them. 

If you get stuck at any time, then use the #support channel in Discord (only available to Premium members)

Game commands (type these in your game chat)

!premium - Opens your Premium menu where you can adjust certain functions of the server you're on.

!afk - Allows you to send yourself to spectator.

!store / !shop - You can equip your Premium items here such as Sprays.

Discord commands (type in Discord chat)

[clearcd - allows you to reset the cooldown of any map, can be used once per week.

How to use Sprays

Once you equip your sprays inside the !store, you can press your 'e' or use key to spray them on the map. 

Overview of perks

PREMIUM Discord Role - A role in Discord that gives you access to certain channels + commands
PREMIUM Scoreboard Tag - In game when you press TAB on your keyboard, you have a custom tag
PREMIUM Chat Crown Tag - In game, when you chat you will have a crown next to your name
PREMIUM Forum Role - Custom tag and perks on the forum such as increased upload size and avatar size.
Autoclaim !daily - No need to manually type !daily to claim your rewards, this is automated for Premium members
PREMIUM Queue - If the Zomble Escape Alpha server is full, you will be moved to the front of the queue in Bravo
2x Credit Gain - Earn more credits
Reset Map Cooldowns - Reset cooldowns using [clearcd in discord
Private Discord Support - Private 1 on 1 support that helps resolve issues with your Premium account
No Ads - Don't see ads in maps, chat, hud or welcome screen
Spray Access - Custom store item
AFK Kick Immunity - Don't get kicked when the server is full
Instant Perk Access - As soon as you buy, your perks are automatic on your account (as long as you signed in with Discord and Steam on checkout)
Special Weapons Access - You get access to all restricted weapons in Zombie Escape and DM

How to cancel

If you need to cancel your subscription, you can do it from the Tebex Checkout

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